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Criminal Law


The Boozer Law Firm also provides zealous representation to those who have been charged with felonies or misdemeanors throughout South Carolina.  If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, protect your rights today and contact the Boozer Law Firm for a free initial consultation. 

Licensing and Regulation


The Boozer Law Firm has experience representing national businesses and individuals seeking licensing and approval to conduct business and provide professional services in the State of South Carolina.  If you are looking for advice or representation before a regulatory agency, contact us to discuss the process.  



For a free consultation



Post-Conviction Relief


Following a conviction for a serious offense, you may still have options to challenge your plea or trial.  If you or a family member has been convicted of a crime, contact the Boozer Law Firm for a free initial consultation and learn about your options.  


Consumer Law


Virtually every citizen or business in South Carolina is a consumer in some fashion.  The Boozer Law Firm provides assistance in making sure individuals and businesses are treated fairly in the marketplace. Typical cases include deceptive sales and unfair trade practices, fraudulent business practices including excessive charges and unlawful or hidden fees and false advertising.

Class Actions


The Boozer Law Firm handles class action suits of all types.  Having relationships with attorneys nationwide means we have the resources to evaluate, investigate and pursue your class claim.  Additionally, if you are a law firm seeking South Carolina counsel, the Boozer Law Firm routinely acts as local counsel and assists out-of-state firms in cases throughout South Carolina.


Civil Litigation


Whether you are an injured individual or a company or organization who is being threatened with a lawsuit, the Boozer Law Firm can guide you through the civil litigation process.  From pre-suit negotiations to discovery, mediation and trial, the Boozer Law Firm provides the advocacy and advice you need.  


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